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What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Critical Thinking – Fractions vs Decimals

Of course you know that fractions and decimals are both ways of expressing parts of whole numbers.  But when is it appropriate to use fractions and when would decimals make a better choice?

Make a list of the times you would find fractions easier and other times when decimals would present the best option.

Fractions or Decimals

Expressing money is best suited to decimals rather than fractions.

Calculator Races

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Personal Strength – Use Your Resources

Two people are planning to climb a high rocky mountain.

Person number one is a very strong individual, healthy and determined to get to the top using bare hands only.

Person number two is much smaller but has brought along rope, picks, specially designed boots and a couple of experienced friends.

Which of these two is most likely to succeed?

Name other circumstances where having resources (including other people) can improve the chance of success.

Help From A Friend

My dad is a great resource when I need to reach something up high.

The Help Of A Stranger

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