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Share Your Knowledge – Earth And Space

The Childcraft encyclopedia describes the Earth as being a prisoner of the sun. A rather interesting way to describe the concept of orbit, don't you think?

Impress each other with how much you know about Earth, space, and the solar system.

Here are some sites that will give you more information

Science And Space News

Earth As Art

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Dogs – More Than Just Pets

Of course we are aware of the services dogs perform for blind or deaf people, but have you heard about studies that are being done to determine if dogs can alert others when a child has an epileptic seizure?

In a small study in Canada almost half of the dogs owned by families of epileptic children would react to a seizure by barking or licking. Even more amazing is that over 40 percent of the dogs were able to detect and warn of an oncoming seizure!

Learn about service dogs and type I diabetes.

What Does a Diabetic Service Dog Do?

Play online games about dogs

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Play online games about dogs

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