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Communication Skills – Voice Inflections

I was talking about our cat, Charm, who I have nicknamed the cha-larm clock because she wakes up early and then sets about waking everyone else up as well.  I was describing how she was pulling at my hair before I was ready to get out of bed so, "I pulled her under the covers and cuddled with her."

The way I changed my voice when I said cuddled made my listeners smile with understanding.  This wasn't the kind of cuddling that takes place when Charm is sleepy and contented.  This type of cuddling was more of a velvet-gloved imprisonment.

Comedians often use voice inflection to send humorous messages that go beyond the literal meaning of their words.  Take turns making statements that use voice inflection to enhance the meaning of their words.

Cat Siblings

I love my cats, but they sure can be stubborn.

Paraverbal Communication

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Play A Mental Math Game – What's The Difference?

Player One starts by asking Player Two to find the difference between two numbers.

  • What's the difference between 106 and 89?

Player Two must answer and then pose a new problem for Player Three

  • 17  What's the difference between the year I was born and the year you were born?

Player Three has to know that Player Two was born in 1980 and that she was born in 1999.

  • 19 years (note that since this was about years, the answer must contain that label)  What is the difference between the number of peas on your plate and the number of houseplants on the window sill?

Player Four counts 28 peas on his plate and 5 plants on the window sill.

  • 23  What creative problem will Player Five come up with?

Number Blocks

Can you solve this in your head?

Mind-Stretching Brain Games

Alex's Mystery Picture

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