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What's For Dinner?
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King/Queen Of The World – What Would You Change?

What if the entire world was ruled by one individual and that person was you?  Name three or more important changes that you would make to improve the conditions of our planet and its people.

Listen to a recording of Dr. Seuss' If I Ran the Zoo.

If I Ran the Zoo (RCA R110401) - Marvin Miller


I'm King of the World!

Character is important to have

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Play A Game – Puppet Master

This is a game of mimicry.  One player is the puppet master and the others are the puppets.  Whatever the puppet master does, the puppets must also do.  If the puppet master butters a roll, all the other players must, in turn, also butter a roll.

For this table version of the game, actions are limited to the upper body and should follow the appropriate rules of table manners.  After an agreed upon time limit, a new puppet master takes charge.

Sock Puppets

You take control of the show.

Have fun with Sock Puppets

Alex's Mystery Picture

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