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Mind-Stretching Brain Games

Book of Games to Exercise the Brain
These mind-sharpening games can be used in classrooms, around a table or at any type of gathering. Read on to discover the many uses of Mind-Stretching Brain Games by Jean Fisher

Mind-Stretching Brain Games Mind-Stretching Brain Games is a book of open-ended, no-equipment-necessary, thinking activities that can be played over and over again.
Games for all ages

Games for all ages. Some are very easy, others are much harder.

Your whole family will love playing these fun thinking games. Skill levels range from easy to challenging. The best part is that each game adapts to the situation and the players. Each time one is played, it is a brand-new game!
Great for classroomsTeachers, add these fun games to your classroom lesson plans. Learning activities for kids always earn smiles when presented as a game! They make great five-minute fillers or adapt them to spice up any subject. Great book for teachers

Mind-Stretching Brain Games are great in the classroom!
The games are easily adapted to almost any lesson plan.

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