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Communication Skills – Paraverbal Communication

Paraverbal communication refers to the tone and pitch we use when speaking with someone.  A simple sentence can have several different meanings depending on which word in the sentence is given the most stress.

For example, if you say the sentence “Cynthia likes you” with a lilting tone you are probably teasing someone.

However, if you stress the word likes, “Cynthia likes you”, the message comes out, “Whatever made you think she didn’t?”

Stress the word you this time, “Cynthia likes you" and you might be saying, “I wish she liked me”.

Practice with some of your own.

Paraverbal Communication

Girl likes boy

Cynthia LIKES you!

Voice Inflections

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Play A Math Game – Add, Subtract and Multiply

  • Player One starts by adding two numbers together. 27 + 48 = 75
  • Player Two takes that sum and subtracts a number. 75 – 36 = 39
  • Player Three must now multiply. 39 x 3 = 117
  • Our Player Four likes to be tricky. 117 + (-18) = 99
  • Next subtract again. And on you go!

Add Subtract

For younger learners, add - subtract - add - subtract.

Play A Mental Math Game

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