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The Playhouse Castle As An Indoor Kids Playhouse

Children living in condos or apartments can get very rambunctious when they cannot get outdoors and use an outdoor playhouse. You can make their life more interesting by turning their bedroom into a playhouse castle, or any of a number of possible kid's indoor playhouses. All it takes is imagination, and here are a few ideas.


Children's bedrooms are ideal for a playhouse castle or any other form of indoors kids playhouses, and offer the benefits of playhouses to children that live in apartments and condos with no garden or yard where they can have an outdoor playhouse.

Although it might appear to be difficult to persuade your child that the playhouse is in a different environment to his or her own home, it's amazing what a little imagination can do!

First, find yourself an old lamp and a candle bulb. Place the lamp shade over the bulb so that it sticks out through the middle of the shade and hey presto - you have just made an indoor campfire. You can make it even more realistic by popping popcorn over the stove and tell some ghost stories, or if that scares the kids, read some stories from a story book. Grimm's Fairy tales or something like that. You can play games such as I Spy or cards, and the kids are sure to have a few ideas.

The Princess's Indoor Castle

What young girl doesn't dream of being a princess and meeting her Prince Charming? Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are two of the most famous fairy tales of all times, and if you want a happy little girl then you won't be able to make her a genuine golden diamond tiara, but you can convert her bedroom into her very own palace.

You can include a playhouse castle tent, and you can even use her bed to make a castle tent that can hold several children at play. In fact, if your daughter's bedroom is big enough, you can build a permanent castle that doesn't have to be taken down at bed-time. She can even be allowed to sleep in it as special treat for good behaviour.  

Disney Playhouse Room

In fact, the possibilities are limited only by your own imagination, and there are loads of things you can do for your kids if you have no garden for them to play in. You can construct a Disney playhouse for them that can be similar to the 'princess castle tent' in that it pretends to be Princess Aurora's castle in Sleeping Beauty, or perhaps decorated up to be Pocahontas's tent. 

You could erect a tent just like Dora the Explorer's house, a Playhouse Theater or even as a fabulous garage for the boys. A beauty boutique would be fun, and there are plenty more ideas on which you can expand to convert an entire bedroom into a theme of its own.  You could design and build or acquire chests that can be suitably decorated to hold their clothes, and their beds could be permanently designed as a fairy-tale bed. There is a lot that can be done to change a bedroom into an indoor playhouse castle to keep your children happy. You can be certain of one thing: they won't complain when you send them up their 'castle' to get their homework done, so there will be tangible benefits as well as just keeping them happy.

Don't underestimate a child's imagination, and if you provide the raw materials they will do the rest. A drawer can be converted to an escape module and a pea under a mattress - well, you know the tale about the Princess and the Pea, don't you? Some colorful rugs (flying carpets) and an old oil lamp (Aladdin's genie) will set a imaginative scene and then leave the rest to them - but be careful not to provide spears and arrows for the castle! You want them to play, not have a full-scale battle!

It can be very boring for young children to be cooped up in a condo or apartment, and designing an indoor kid's playhouse in the form of a playhouse castle is a great way to keep them occupied and happy, and also to get the schoolwork completed. There are many such castles commercially available. Use your imagination, and they will certainly use theirs.

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