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Breakfast Made Easy With These Cooking Accessories

by Lisa Parker

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it gives your body much needed nutrients to start the day off after a night of regeneration. Eating a healthy breakfast also helps set the tone and mood for the day. How often have you skipped breakfast only to feel a little down in the dumps (not to mention hungry) or irritable midway through the morning? Because breakfast is such an important meal, there is no reason it should be a hassle to make.

Every kitchen should be stocked with basic pantry staples such as bread, sugar, flour, butter, and eggs, but did you know that there are certain cooking accessories thought to be staples as well? There certainly are! There is a whole slew of cooking accessories that will help you make picture perfect breakfasts (and quite delicious) each and every time! While some of these make preparing breakfast a little easier, some also make it a little more enjoyable for the cook and guests!

The Breakfast Basics

Most breakfast recipes call for mixing up a batter of some sort, so one of the most basic kitchen accessories
you will need is a set of mixing bowls. However, mixing bowls with a spout are ideal for breakfast recipes as it makes it simple to pour any mixture into a mold, skillet, or griddle! You will also want to invest in a good silicone balloon whisk to ensure that all your batters are mixed to the hilt. Also, don’t forget the silicone spatulas to wipe the bowls clean! A set of mixing bowls, whisk and a good spatula can be a big help in the morning.

Stove Top Griddle

A stove top griddle is a must have for any breakfast enthusiast. Most stove top griddles come long enough to fit comfortably over two burners and are perfect for cooking French toast, pancakes, or even bacon. Many griddles come with one flat side and a grill side, which makes it dually useful for both breakfast and dinner. A good double stove top griddle can last you a long time.

Bacon Press

If you love bacon, then you will definitely want to invest in a bacon press. A bacon press can ensure that you get the perfect results every time, perfectly crisp bacon without the splatter of hot grease. These accessories come in a variety of shapes and sizes, though the best are made from cast iron. A bacon press can be very helpful in the morning to prepare food the whole family will enjoy and not create too much of a mess.

Cast Iron Skillet

No kitchen is complete without a cast iron skillet. These handy cooking implements go from the stovetop to the oven without any hesitation and cook your eggs to perfection every time. They are also ideal for making biscuits and gravy or a morning batch of cornbread. Cast iron skillets come in a range of sizes and prices, so shop around. A quality skillet can be used when preparing eggs, bacon home fires and more.

Pancake Molds

While pancake molds are not a necessity in the kitchen, they sure are a lot of fun. Whether you have kids or are just a kid at heart, they can really liven up the breakfast table. Pancake molds come in a variety of seasonal and holiday shapes and will cost only a few dollars each.

Wide Nonstick Spatula

Speaking of pancakes, have you ever had a hard time flipping them? Say good-bye to half-burned, half-turned pancakes when you get your own wide, nonstick spatula. Such an accessory will make others think you are a pro pancake turner. Prepare stacks and stacks of delicious pancakes with ease. The entire family will thank you for it.


Toast goes well with many breakfast items, and for this reason no kitchen should be without a toaster! If you are tight on space, think about a toaster or countertop convection oven, as it can double for baking small side dishes as well as making the perfect toast for breakfast. A regular toaster can add to many already delicious dishes.

Divided Skillet

If you do not have one of these, definitely think about it. A divided skillet is a great way to cook two different things at once. So if you are cooking for a vegetarian and a meat eater, you can make tofu sausage on one side and pork sausage on the other without ever contaminating the other! Clean up is a breeze, one pan for two side dishes.

While this list is in no way exhaustive, you will find that these cooking accessories will make breakfast a snap to make! The easier it is to make breakfast the better the experience and the flavor! Have a great morning and bon appetite!

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