What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

Mind-stretching brain games and conversation starters. It's the perfect opportunity for sharing stories, building knowledge, strengthening character, and having fun!

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Language – Create A Character Sketch

Choose someone that you know and describe that person to the others.  Include in your description traits of character rather than physical characteristics.  Is this person friendly, serious, trustworthy, funny?  Describe situations where these traits were displayed. 

  • "George is a great friend.  When I lost my lunch money, he shared his lunch with me.  I appreciated his generosity."
  • "I like George too. He can always make me laugh. He has a great sense of humor."

You are a character

David showed us his athletic, daring and funny traits that day.

Fairy Tale Character Sketches

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Play A Math Game – Addition Subtraction Chain

Player One chooses two numbers and adds them together.  Player Two chooses a number and subtracts that from the results of Player One’s addition problem.  Player Three chooses a number to add to the results of the subtraction problem.  Player Four subtracts, Player Five adds again.

Encourage players to choose numbers that stretch their mental math capabilities but aren’t frustrating.  More advanced players can include operations other than addition and subtraction.

Play a number relationship chain game

Play the Addition/Subtraction Chain game

Play a number relationship chain game

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