What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
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Mathematical Expressions – Everyday Life

It is quite probable that you have heard of the mass-energy equivalence equation derived by Albert Einstein.

  • E=mc2

Roughly translated the formula says

  • Energy = mass times the speed of light (measured in celeritas) squared.

Now, I don't expect you to start thinking like Einstein or to even try to understand the equation above.  I have used the equation only as a common example of how mathematical equations can be expressed by using letters from the represented words.  So you could create an equation:

  • FS @ D = EM

Which could be translated to read:

  • Fish sticks at dinner equal an easy meal.


  • 4xBG > 1xVG

Which would mean

  • 4 people playing a board game is more fun (greater than) one person playing a video game.

Make up some more of your own.

Fish Stick Casserole

FS @ D = EM means Fish sticks for dinner equal an easy meal.

Fish Stick Casserole

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Fun With Numbers – Build A Relationship Chain

Starting with the number 1, find someone who can relate their life with that number.  Is there anyone who was born in January, the first month?  I can claim a relationship with the number 1 because I am the mother to only one child.

Next comes the number 2.  My special relationship with the number 2 is that I own two cats.

Who can own numbers, 3, 4, and 5?  How high can you build your chain?

Number Blocks

What are your special number relationships?

Math Multiple Intelligences

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