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What's For Dinner?
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Reducing Conflict – A Caring Community

Turn your home into a Caring Community and watch conflict become a part of the growth process instead of stressful hair-pulling episodes.

What are the features of a Caring Community?

  • Cooperation
  • Communication
  • Tolerance
  • Positive Emotional Expression
  • Conflict Resolution Skills

Discuss these factors with the members of your family. Which qualities do you currently possess? Which ones need to be developed? What are some strategies for incorporating more qualities of a Caring Community into your lives?

Designating your home as a Caring Community can enhance motivation.
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We take care of each other

We always look out for each other.

Learn some strategies for conflict resolution

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Have Another Smile Reflected Back

Play A Word Game – If I Owned A Restaurant

Player One completes the sentence by naming a food item. "If I owned a restaurant, I would serve eggs."

Player Two responds by saying, "If I went to your restaurant, I would order eggs and _______.", filling in the blank with a food that is often served with the first food; in this case bacon would fit into the blank.

Player Two then starts off with a new food. "If I owned a restaurant, I would serve tacos."

On to Player Three.

Fish Tacos

If I went to your restaurant, I would order tacos and jalapeno poppers.

Play the game again but own a department store instead of a restaurant

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