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Conflict – Strategies For Resolution

Sometimes the best way to end conflict is to use a mediator, someone uninvolved in the conflict who will be fair and unbiased. What does the mediator do? First off, a mediator can insist on a cooling-down period if necessary. A mediator can help clarify the disagreement through the use of reflective listening (also called active listening).

Reflective Listening

Another form of mediation is through story-telling. Make a story out of the situation. When you get to the point of conflict, stop and ask, "What do you think will happen next?"

Remember, the best resolutions are formed when the warring opponents come up with their own strategies for solution.


We need a mediator to help us solve this problem.

A Conflict Resolution Story

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Math – Thinking Of Fractions And Decimals

Many students have difficulty with fractions and decimals. Help you children with this challenging concept.

Where to start? Money! Even the youngest learners quickly grasp the fact that there are 4 quarters in one dollar, one quarter is the same as ¼ and that .25 is the same as ¼.

Ask older learners to tell you everything they already know about fractions and decimals and then move from there. They might surprise themselves by knowing more than they originally thought. Did they know that 2/8 is also .25? Can your child explain the concept of repeating decimals, 1/3 is equal to .333….?

Learn more about understanding fractions and decimals.

Fractions and Decimals

Math, Fractions and Decimals

Quia - Fraction Decimal Conversion

Equivalent Fraction

3/4 is the same as 75%.

How to Simplify Fractions

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