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Teamwork – Choreographed Cooperation

Each week when I mail off a T-Shirt to our newest winner of Alex's Mystery Picture Contest, my husband comes with me to the post office.  We use the self-service postage machine.  I step up to the machine and punch in the information while Pete walks over to the mail slots to deposit any other mail we brought along.  He gets back just in time to retrieve the self-adhesive postage and it is his job to put it on the envelope.  Meanwhile the machine dispenses the receipt into my waiting hand.  The stamped envelope is slid into the mail slot and we are done.  Our steps are as smooth as a choreographed dance routine.

Think about some tasks that you perform with one or more persons in a smooth pattern of cooperation.


It takes cooperation.

What is your learning style?

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Play A Word Game – If I Owned A Department Store

Player One starts the game by naming an item that can be found in a department store. "If I owned a department store, I would sell towels."

Player Two responds by saying, "If I shopped at your department store, I would buy towels and _______.", filling in the blank with an item that is often found in the same department as the first item; in this case a soap dish would fit into the blank.

Player Two then starts off with a new item. "If I owned a department store, I would sell shoes."

On to Player Three.  "If I shopped at your department store, I would buy shoes and shoe polish.  If I owned a department store, I would sell______."

Tennis Ball

Name another item that is sold in the same department as tennis balls.

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