What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Today's Topics:

Play A Guessing Game – Five Senses
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Choices – Would You Rather?
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A warning about growing bones and heavy loads.

A warning about growing bones and heavy loads.

Play A Guessing Game – Five Senses

Players take turns describing a secret object making reference to the five senses.  Other players must guess the object.  This game works best if players describe food items in order to include taste in the description, but it is not necessary to use all five of the senses if one or more does not apply to your secret object.

  • My secret object smells delicious
  • It feels warm and crumbly
  • The taste is both sweet and nutty
  • I hear a bit of a sizzle when it touches my tongue
  • I used a fork to create a pattern on the top of my secret object.

Did you guess that I was describing a peanut butter cookie?


Give me that smell clue again.

Use your senses to recall memories

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Choices – Would You Rather?

Take turns offering two options and allowing the others to make a choice.

Would you rather:

  • Take a day hike or watch 12 hours of All in the Family reruns?
  • Learn CPR or volunteer at a retirement home for an afternoon?
  • Read a volume of the encyclopedia or take a test on a subject that you know nothing about?

fly a kite

Would you rather fly a kite on the beach or compete in a spelling bee?

Play the word choice game

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