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What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

Mind-stretching brain games and conversation starters. It's the perfect opportunity for sharing stories, building knowledge, strengthening character, and having fun!

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Energy – Potential And Kinetic

Can you describe the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy?

Can you give examples of each?

Scientific Forms of Energy: Stored Energy, Kinetic Energy, Chemical Energy, Conservation of Energy


Kinetic Energy

My energy is kinetic when I do cartwheels.

Build Your Own Wind Turbine

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Sound alike words

Making Better Choices – Look Closely

Thinking about potential energy in our topic above, did you include food as a type of stored energy?

The food we eat, however, is much more than simple energy.  With each bite, we are making a choice about our health.  Adopting a healthy-eating pattern at an early age can prevent an array of “lifestyle diseases” that include heart disease, cancer, and some types of diabetes.

What can you do?  Learn.  Read labels.  Eat on purpose not by whim.

Banana and Kiwi

Eating healthy is delicious!

Are You Getting Enough Color in Your Diet?

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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