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Article – Build Your Own Wind Turbine

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Build Your Own Wind Turbine

–by Nick

Generating electricity from wind is an age old technique and can help you save a lot of money down the road.

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With the world in such bad shape due to the energy crisis and the demand for power exceeding the limits of available supply. It is past the time that we should be conserving the use of power in our homes and start adopting, more cost-effective and pollution-free alternative energy sources. Alternative energy sources such as solar power or wind power can help maintain a more clean environment, save power and cut down on our electricity bills. This article will look at the ways wind energy can be used to power the average home.

To achieve the best results from wind power at home, it is recommended that your home be on a plot of land around and acre large as to give the wind some area to gain speed. Another thing that helps is if the wind speed is more constant as to generate more electricity. Experts say that the ideal wind speed for generating good electrical charge is 11mph for the average home.

The kinetic energy generated by the wind is converted to electricity that can be used in your home without any modifications. Generating electricity from wind is an age old technique and can help you save a lot of money down the road. Depending on the amount of wind you receive you may save anywhere from 5% - 90% off your electricity bill.

The next question that may arise for someone is, how do I install this wind power generation system? Well you will need to install wind turbines atop your home or a close building. You do not need to change anything in your home to install wind turbines, and with existing wiring you can install these turbines and utilize the winds awesome power.

A wind power system uses a turbine that is mounted on a tower and is driven by the wind energy. The height of the tower depends on the average wind speed that is available in your area. If your house is in a lower wind speed zone, you may need to try a higher tower. If your house is located in a more windy region than you may use a shorter tower. You can run various appliances in your home with electrical energy generated by the wind power system.

The generated electricity can be stored for later use or even sold back to some power companies to make a profit, however this tends to be for areas that have a lot of wind and can keep lots of energy stored up. If you combine this with solar power systems you might could break totally free of the power company, never having to pay another bill and selling the excess of the stored power back to them in return.

During off seasons though, you may not be able to generate a lot of wing power because of the absence of constant winds. However, it is estimated that most homes could use wind generated energy for at least 9 months out of the year. If you were to incorporate a solar power system you could easily extend to the full 12 months of the year. Wind Energy is a free renewable resource that is readily available as long as the wind blows and could be used to ease the burdens on the natural resources economy, help to maintain a safe and healthy environment and also save the consumer some money as well.

There are several guides that are out that can show you how to setup and install wind generation and solar power generation systems in your home to help you conserve money and electricity, and also help you do your part in the fight to break free from our dependency on natural resources.

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