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What's For Dinner?
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Play A Game – Mental Math

Here's a challenging, no equipment necessary, Math game. The best part is that it adapts easily to the skill level of each individual.

Played Round Robin one player starts by creating a math problem and stating the results.

For example:  73 - 19 = 54.

The next player must start with 54. A player with beginning skills could say, "54 is more than 50."

Play passes to the next person. Assuming this person has an advanced skill in math, the next problem could be, "50 squared is 2500." Continue around the table.

Beginning learners will most likely appreciate suggestions if they appear stumped. A gentle nudge might be necessary to discourage slackers from choosing operations below their skill level.


Have fun creating number facts.

Mental math with phone number combinations

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Phrasal Verbs

Language – Parts Of Speech

Help your child understand the concept of parts of speech. To begin, start with the simplest part of speech-nouns. Move from nouns to verbs by creating a simple sentence. BIRDS is a noun, FLY is a verb, a sentence can be created by combining the two words. "Birds fly" is a complete sentence.

For more advanced learners add adjectives and adverbs. GRACEFUL is an adjective, SWIFTLY is an adverb. "Graceful birds fly swiftly" is a complete sentence. Challenge your oldest children (and perhaps yourselves) with prepositions and complex sentences. TO is a preposition. "Graceful birds fly swiftly to escape cold winters" is a complex sentence that uses a preposition to link two clauses.

Need help understanding prepositions?

What is a Preposition?

Parts of Speach

You can use a dictionary to find out the parts of speech of different words.

Songs that teach parts of speech

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