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What's For Dinner?
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Mental Math – Phone Number Configurations

Take turns making a math problem out of your telephone number. Let’s make up a telephone number (I hope it isn’t yours!) 112-8587.

  • Add all the numbers together = 32
  • Add two digits, subtract the next, then add, subtract, add, and finally subtract the last = 4
  • Put the digits in order from smallest to largest = 1125788
  • Divide the number from above by 2 = 562894

Keep going until everyone gets brain freeze. (Note for very young members choose two digits from the phone number to add or subtract.)

phone number math

What is your phone number?

Use the phone book for teaching estimation

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Making Meaning Of Learning – Vocabulary Development

What are some good reasons for steadily increasing the number of words you know and use?

How could a better vocabulary help you right now, today and the next few months?

How could you use an extensive vocabulary in the future?

Want a Bigger Vocabulary? Try These 7 Mobile Apps

Ideas for learning vocabulary.

Vocabulary Learning Strategies - Jessica Facchiano

good vocabulary

A good vocabulary can increase your self confidence

Games for learning vocabulary

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