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What's For Dinner?
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Share Your Knowledge – Dog Breeds

Did you know terriers are named after the word terra which is Latin for earth? Terriers were bred to dig rodents out of the earth. Dogs have been used to help people in different ways throughout history. What do the members of your family know about how dogs help people?

American Kennel Club - Breeds

Which dog breeds are the most populare?

25 Popular Dog Breeds List Video


Thank goodness for dog parks where I can run and run!

Play a variety of online games about dogs

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Play A Game – Before And After Geography

You may have played this game on long drives. It's a fun and simple way to pass the time. Player one names a place (it can be country, city, state, etc.). The next player is required to name another place that begins with the last letter of the place named by player one. Easy!

Be sure and talk about the places you name so that everyone can improve their geography skills.


Improve your geography skills.

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