What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Language Skills – Phrasal Verbs

Sometimes it takes more than one word to convey an action.  In this sentence, for example, “Please take down those curtains”, you need both the word take and the word down to completely convey your message.

When someone says, “Dig in”, we know that it is time to eat.

Name more phrasal verbs.  Need some more examples?

English Phrasal Verbs

Great lessons with everyday examples are found here:

181 common phrasal verbs

Dig In!

Supper is ready, dig in!

Tomato-Ranch Black Beans and Pasta

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Be A Winner – Preparedness

The outcome of any event is almost always determined by who is best prepared.  Plus being prepared gives you the added advantage of self-confidence.

Name examples of when preparedness helped you to be a winner.


I have everything I need.

Will You Be Prepared?

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