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Hmmm – Ponderables

You are a work in progress…there will always be a gap between who you are and who you want to be.

Pain is inevitable…but suffering is optional

Attitudes are contagious…both good and bad.

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional

There are some things you never have to think about

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Share A Story – Pets

Both of our cats have bird-breath today! The younger one, Charm, caught a little bird and brought it into the house. We banished her to the bedroom and the frightened, feathered creature hopped behind some of the furniture. That had me down on my knees when our older cat, Wylie, tried to sneak past me with the bird in HER mouth.

That sent Wylie to share a cell with Charm and the poor little bird was huddling under a different piece of furniture. Alex, my son, put on a pair of gloves, swooped up the quivering bundle of feathers and returned it to the great outdoors. That was only right since Charm is his kitty. Besides, I admit that I was frightened of that sharp, pointy beak!

We later laughed - especially at the thought of Wylie who is almost ten years old and (only the truth!) fat and lazy feeling the thrill of the hunt! Alex said that she was like one of those people who participate in what is called "Canned Hunting".

Do you have pet stories to share with each other?

mighty hunter

The mighty hunter

Belling the Cat

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