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What's For Dinner?
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To Do List – Things You Don’t Need To Add

Do you ever make a to-do list for recording the tasks you plan to accomplish? Instead, make a list of the things that you have already accomplished or things that are so automatic that you don’t even need to think about them.

For example, I never need to think about how to get hot water for my bath. I simply turn on the tap and heated water comes out. Centuries ago (or even today in different cultures) sitting in a tub of hot water took careful planning.

Name some other things that we have the privilege of taking for granted.

Make a List

I never have to remind myself to brush my teeth.

Toothbrush Painting

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Enemies – Is It A Bad Thing?

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Enemies do man more good than harm. They point out to us our faults; they put us upon our guard; and help us to live more correctly. The best men have always had their share of envy and malice of the foolish and wicked, and a man has therefore some reason to be ashamed of himself when he meets with none of it. My good friend Rev. Whitefield once said, When I am on the road and see boys in a field pelting a tree, though I am too far off to know what tree it is, I conclude it has fruit on it."

How do you feel about this idea? Can you think of ways that your enemies have actually helped you?

(Of course, a person wouldn’t intentionally create an enemy!)

Competition Helps Us Grow

A bit of competition keeps us on our toes.

Everyone Needs Reinforcement

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