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Play An Eye-Spy Game – Alphabet Race

To begin the game everyone looks around the room in an attempt to find an object that starts with the letter "A".  The first person to name an "A" item, gets a point for that letter.  Now race for a letter "B" item and so on.

You may need to set a time limit for each letter (30 seconds maybe) to keep the game moving.

The person with the most points when a "Z" item has been found is the winner.  (I recommend being generous and awarding a point to more than one player whenever there might be a tie.)

Learn cardinal directions playing Eye Spy

I spy with my little eye...abc!

Learn cardinal directions playing Eye Spy

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Special Tools – Left-Handed People

Do you have any lefties in your family?  My husband uses both his right and left hand equally.  He probably would have been completely left-handed had his elementary teachers not pulled the pencil from his left hand and placed it in his right hand over and over.

Can you name some common tools that might be difficult for a left-handed person?  (I've tried using left-handed scissors and realize how difficult it must be for a left-handed person to use conventional scissors.)

Being Left Handed

Make hand-shadow puppets

Hard to use if you are left-handed

Make hand-shadow puppets

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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