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Conflict – What Is The Motivation?

Conflict arises when one person perceives another person to be a threat or source of confrontation.

  • The cause could be a struggle for available resources (Who gets the remote?).
  • It could be a conflict of needs (I need to talk to Mom right now and you keep butting in!).
  • The involved parties could be experiencing a difference in values (This brat has been going through my stuff again!-people often have different ideas regarding privacy).

Conflict is inevitable. Learn the techniques that will de-escalate the conflict.

Conflict will escalate if:

  • There is an increase in emotion.
  • There is a perceived increase in threat.
  • More people become involved.
  • There is an overall unfriendly atmosphere.
  • The parties involved have underdeveloped resolution skills.

Conflict will de-escalate if:

  • The parties involved focus on the problem, not the personalities.
  • Emotion and threat are decreased.
  • The atmosphere is friendly
  • The parties involved have good conflict resolution skills

Different Responses to Conflict

"I want the remote!"

Different Responses to Conflict

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Expensive You – The Value Of Your Name

For this activity give each letter of the alphabet a monetary value. The letter A is worth one cent, the letter B two cents, the letter Z twenty-six cents. Now add up all the letters of your name. Who is worth the most?

How does reversing the order by assigning the letter Z one cent and the letter A twenty-six cents affect the value of your name?

Name Value

Zorro has a pretty expensive name, 92 cents. How expensive is your name?

Place a place value game

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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