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What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Play An Eye-Spy Game – Compass Directions

Reinforce geography skills by playing an eye-spy game that uses the directions of the compass.  Determine north, south, east and west from where you are sitting.  Put signs up on the walls for each direction if you are playing with beginning learners.

Now take turns challenging each other to guess the object you have spied by naming the directions.  In my home if I was to say,

"I spy with my little eye something to the northeast"

I would be hinting that I am looking at the television.


Compasses can be fun in the car too

Car Travel Activities for Kids

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Exercise – Good For The Body Good For The Brain

We all know that exercise is important for keeping our bodies strong and healthy.  New studies are showing that exercise is also an important part of keeping our brains strong and alert.

Your Brain on Exercise

How do you get your exercise?  How can you add more exercise into your daily routine?


Get even more exercise for your brain

Mind-Stretching Brain Games

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