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Tempted? – Plan A Distraction

Do you have a habit that you are trying to replace?  Maybe you want to stop turning on the television as soon as you walk through the door, or cut back on your calorie consumption.  Most of us experience urges that try to pull us back into the old patterns.  To stick to your guns, you might try planned distractions.

Talk about some of the habits you wish to change and then share ideas for replacement behaviors.  Turning on the radio instead of the television could be one idea.  Keeping pop-in-your mouth fruits and veggies such as grapes or baby carrots might keep you away from the chips.

Now, how can you remember your plan when the urges hit?  Should you post a list?  I'm a big lover of randomness, I like to place strips of paper in a jar that will allow me to pull out a surprise activity.

Take A Walk

Good habits can save you money.

How to Stay Up When the Economy Is Down

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Spelling Challenge – Words As Letters

You know how on cop shows, they always spell out the license plates by saying words that start with the letters of the license plate instead of just the letters.  I'm sure that all the officers have a code that designates which words will stand for which letter.  In our game, each player can use words of their choice to replace the letters of the alphabet.  However, repeated letters within a word must be replaced by the same word.  Other players race to see who can decipher the coded word.

Player one is spelling the word leaf

  • Larry
  • Edward
  • Agnes
  • Frank

Player two is spelling the word apple

  • Anchor
  • Puddle
  • Puddle
  • Leopard
  • Ear

If you have young players in your group, you may want to have each player spell for one other player instead of racing to say the answer.  Words spelled can then be adapted to the skill level of each player.

Autumn Leaf

Say the letters.

Play Alphabetical Names

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