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Money – Interest Rates

Banks make money by lending money.  The money that they earn from borrowers is called interest.  The rate of interest that borrowers pay varies due to many different factors.  Credit card interest rates, for example, are different from mortgage interest rates.  People who never miss payments often qualify for lower interest rates than people who have been late making their payments.

What are some other factors that affect interest rates throughout the world?

The Federal Reserve & Interest Rates

Interest Rates

Use your money to make money.

6 Fun Ways to Teach Children About Money

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Play a Mental Math Game

Play A Game – Sandwich Words

The beginning and ending letters are the two slices of bread in your sandwich word.  What to put between the slices of bread, is the challenge for each player.

Say for example, the bread slices are the letters c and t.

  • Player one:  cat
  • Player two:  count
  • Player three:  continent
  • Player four:  circuit

You can play with one set of letters until everyone is stumped, or start with new letters each round.

Play Sandwich Words

How many words can you make from my bread slices?

Play A No, You Mean... Word Game

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