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What's For Dinner?
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Words Of Wisdom – Hurts And Blessings

Learn to write your hurts in sand; learn to carve your blessings in stone.


What does this quote mean to you?

Read a story that illustrates this quotation.

Sand or Stone


The ocean quickly wipes clean our marks in the sand.

Let Go Of Past Hurts

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Colors In The Sky

Doing What You Have To Do – Getting To Do What You Want To Do

Take turns naming something that you want to do.  The other people at the table must name something they think you should have to do before you can do the thing you said you want to do.

Let's say, perhaps, you wanted the extra priviledge of staying up late. One person may suggest that you must take a nap earlier in the day. Someone else may require that your room be sparkling clean first. Another person could expect you to make breakfast the next morning for everyone else.

Do you agree with what they have required?

Apple Balance

I have to balance this apple all dinner to get what I wanted.

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Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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