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Colors In The Sky – Sunrise Sunset

Most of the day the sky looks blue (if there is no cloud cover), but early and late in the day a beautiful show of colors can take place.  Remember some of the more spectacular sunrises and sunsets you have seen.  What colors were in the sky?

SkyPix Photo Gallery: Sunrise, Sunset .. sunset photos and sunrise photos

Beautiful Sunset

There was the most beautiful sunset on my birthday.

Rainbows add color to the sky

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Vocabulary – Farther and Further

Do you know when to use the word farther and then when to use the word further instead.  These two words can be very confusing.  Here is your chance to get it right from now on.

Farther refers to physical distance.

Further refers to time or an additional amount.

  • Jim ran farther than I did in ten minutes.
  • I wish we were further from home already.
  • The sun is farther away than the moon.
  • With the new computer our progress is much further today than yesterday.

Make up examples of your own.

Farther or Further?


I made it farther into the labyrinth but some how got further from the ending.

Enjoy a maze and other word games

Alex's Mystery Picture

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Alex's Mystery Picture?

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