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Forgiveness – Let Go Of Past Hurts

I would say with certainty that someone has caused you pain at some time in your life.  It may have been unintentional or deliberate.  The question is, have you forgiven the person who hurt you and put the past into the past or are you still carrying around feelings of resentment?  The ability to offer forgiveness is vital to mental health and happiness.

The easiest way to find forgiveness is to assign a motive to the actions that caused you pain.  Recall a time when you got angry or upset by someone else's words or actions.  Why do you think they said or did that?  Perhaps they were tired, jealous, thoughtless, careless or well-meaning.

Remember, you don't have to continue to associate with a person who has wronged you, just consider, they've probably forgotten the incident a long time ago!  Time for you to let go as well.

Ouch That Hurt

In time it will heal.

Quotations to think about

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Play A Thinking Game – The Game Chain

Player one names a familiar game (or sport) and identifies a particular piece of equipment that is used in that game.  Player two names a different game that uses the same (or similar) piece of equipment and then names a different item required for the second game.  Player three continues the chain.

  • Bases are needed to play baseball.
  • Bases are also needed to play kickball.  You also need a ball.
  • With a ball you can play wall-ball.  Boundary lines are necessary for play in wall-ball.

Note:  It is okay to use the same piece of equipment again during the game, lots of games use balls for example, but each new game must be unique.  How long of a chain can you build?

Light and Shadow

My game uses a ball and a net.

Play 500

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