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What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Times Have Changed – The Telephone

Today's ring tones can help us identify whose phone is ringing.  But can you believe that there was a time when the sound of the ring let people know if the call was for them or for someone else who shared their party line.  Yep, there was a time when you might pick up your phone to make a call and someone else was using it.

What other changes have taken place throughout the history of the telephone?

Privateline.com Telephone History

Toy Telephone

Phones don't look like this anymore!

String Telephone

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Story Telling – Add A Word

One person starts off by talking about something that happened to him or her in the recent past.  As the story-teller is reciting, the listeners, in turn, call out an unrelated word.  The new word must then be incorporated into the story

Story Teller:

  • I was on the playground at first recess and all my friends were playing soccer.  I was more in the mood to play on the swings, so I walked back toward the school.

Listener One:

  • maple

Story Teller

  • On the way to the swings I saw Jimmy.  He had a spot on his shirt.  "What is that?" I asked him.  "I don't know", he replied.  Then he licked his finger, ran it over the spot and put his finger back on his tongue.  "Maple syrup", he said.

Listener Two

  • automatic

Story Teller

  • My laugh was automatic.  I had never seen anyone taste their shirt before.

Listener Three

  • umbrella

How could our story teller add an umbrella to his tale?

Have fun making up your own stories.  Of course, even though the story may begin as a true recollection, the suggested words could pull it into the farthest reaches of imagination!

Animal Main Character

It began to rain and we wished we had brought umbrellas.

What Comes Between?

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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