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What's For Dinner?
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Vocabulary – Word Relationships

If you have a spelling list around, you can use those words to build your word relationships.  Otherwise, just take turns naming a word to build relationships with.

As an example, let's take the word light.  Player One could say:

  • Light makes me think of a feather, light as a feather.

Player Two might say:

  • Light makes me think of carrying a flashlight in the dark.

Player Three:

  • I think of foods with reduced calories, as in light ice cream.

traffic light

The word light makes me think of a traffic signal.

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Sorry, No – You'll Thank Me Later

Often children and teenagers become frustrated by adult limitations.  "It's for your own good," can be hard to hear most of the time.  Recent studies in brain research show reasons why younger brains are less capable of making decisions than adult brains.

BrainConnection.com - News In Review - Decision-making is still a work in progress for teenagers

Okay, even with this knowledge, being told no is still hard to take.  Turn it into a scientific study of your own.  Keep a journal of the situations in which an adult has the final say.  As time goes by, review some of the situations and reflect on any changes in attitude or circumstances regarding the decision.

no no

One day I'll be big enough to tell YOU no!

Better Behaved Childred and Teaching Consequences

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