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What's For Dinner?
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Has It Happened To You? – Disorganization

Have you ever been late because you couldn't find something you needed? Have you ever done a poor job on a project because you put it off until the last minute?

Open up and tell some personal stories. Could these misfortunes have been prevented?

Here are some tips from experts on getting organized and staying that way.

Organizing tips and ideas to help you get organized now.

Getting Organized Saves Time

Organize your home with tips from ExpertVillage

How to Organize Your Home

Lost my keys

Where did I put my keys? Oh, no! I'm going to be late again!

How to Organize Your Kids' Cluttered Toys

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Telephone Innovations

What’s Your Opinion? – Junk Food In Schools

I remember the first time I saw a vending machine in a school. It was a soda machine located in a high school hallway. I admit I was surprised. My thoughts went toward the marketers. More of the incessant push for brand name recognition toward a vulnerable audience.

Next, I considered the teachers. Keeping teenagers’ attention can be hard enough without the distraction of soda cans. Then I started to think about the decision to allow the machine into the school in the first place. Does the school benefit financially from the sale of the soda?

healthy lunch

I packed a healthy lunch to eat.

Suggestions for healthy snack choices

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