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How to Organize Your Kids' Cluttered Toys

by Corinav

Your children's room and playroom may be the most exciting room in the house, but it can also be the most disorganized. If the closest you get to putting away your kid's toys, stuffed animals, and games is throwing them on the floor, then you have a problem. But don't worry, you don't have to be embarrassed to have guests over. Clean up the disorganization with the following tips:

Key Tip #1: Storage

Storage items are critical when it comes to the organization of your child's room, so the first thing you'll need to do is clear some space. Even in a small room, storage items can save space. Here are some ideas that will fit any size room.

Probably the most ideal storage item for a child's room is something you wouldn't necessarily expect: fabric boxes. These have several major advantages over other types of storage. For one they are sturdy enough to hold practically any toy or plush animal, yet they are soft and free of sharp corners enough to be safe for children. They also come in many sizes, assuring appropriateness for any space. And lastly, they come in practically any color, meaning it's easy to find one that fits the theme of your child's room and matches perfectly. So once you choose a few of these colorful boxes, they can be placed in any empty corner, or even set right at the end of a bed, which is a very traditional place for a toy chest. And remember, organization doesn't have to stop there, assuring that you have a chaotic box. You can get different sized storage boxes to organize toys by type. For example, get a small red basket to keep small toys in, such as cars and games. Then use a bigger, green box for the large toys, which could include plush toys and dolls. If you have extra large toys, such as giant teddy bears or life sized dolls, place them neatly on the floor, bed, or dresser as a piece of your decorating motif.

If you feel your floor space is too limited for this, here's another option: hanging storage! Get a couple of colorful hanging wall baskets with pockets. These are extremely functional, save on space, and are fun besides! Place your hanging storage on the door or next to the window and you've got the perfect tool to keep your child's room organized! Just having these storage boxes or baskets will put you on your way to a neat room. You'll find that cleaning up all the clutter on a daily basis should only take 5 minutes or so, making creating a neat room a snap!

Key Tip #2: Functionality

The key to keeping a room organized is functionality. Even if your toy to space ratio is uneven, you can still keep the room ready for visitors. Just remember to use each space and piece of furniture for a specific purpose.

Room furnishings should be arranged in such a way that there is plenty of space for storage and storage boxes. Sometimes the furniture itself can play a part in this. You can get a higher bed, or add a leg extension, which will create room underneath the bed for you to place storage. This way smaller toys can have bins that fit under the bed and out of sight. Remember to categorize these boxes so certain types of toys go in them, which means you'll always be able to find what you need. Also, if for some reason you're not a fan of storage boxes and baskets, you could keep the floor organized by creating a "stuffed animal corner." First start with the bigger plush toys, for example, lean a big stuffed dog against the wall corner. Then place the smaller toys around it (such as teddy bears and dolls) and other standing toys (like games and other items) can be placed under and beside. This way the toys aren't spread all over, and give functionality to an otherwise empty, and boring, corner. While this might not be the easiest way to clean up, as you have to arrange the toys every time instead of just throwing them in bins, it does create a wonderful decorating motif.

So there you go, using these tips will make handling clutter in your child's room a snap! Remember, a little organization will make every part of your house attractive and functional. As a last tip, teach your children to put away toys every time they are finished playing. This assures that not only will their rooms be guest ready at all times, but they will also be taught the all important value of responsibility!

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