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Developing Maturity – Delayed Gratification

A common thread in parenting articles is concern over parents giving into the demands of their children too easily. Will the result be a new generation of lethargic individuals who do not know how to strive for their rewards? Or not know the special satisfaction of having attained an important goal?

An important step on the path to maturity is understanding that the best outcome is not necessarily the one that yields the most personal pleasure. Remember, too, that the rewards gained through effort can be especially sweet.

What opportunities exist for the members of your family to attain rewards through hard work and patience?

Teaching Kids to Delay Gratification in a “Buy Now, Pay Later” World

Do You Like To Save Money

A penny saved is a penny earned.

More Developments Of Maturity

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Play A Game – Antonym Word Chain

The first player names a word. The second player must name an antonym (opposite) of the first word. The third player must name an antonym of the second word that is not the same as the first word. For example:

Cold - Hot - Unheated - Cooked - Raw

When you get stuck, pick a new word. How long of a chain can you build?

Can you create a sentence using your antonym chain?

Make more lists

Put the cold food on the hot grill and the unheated meat will soon be cooked instead of raw.

Science Word Chains

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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