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Tell A Story – I Saw Something Unusual

It’s story-telling time. Try to think of something unusual you have seen that probably very few other people have seen.

Alex came home from a hike one day and told me about something unusual he had seen. A mother mouse was frightened by the noise he made walking by. She scurried out of the underbrush across a rock and down the bank. Along with her came her teeny, tiny babies still having their breakfast.

My husband, Pete and I thought it was very unusual the day we saw a squirrel fall straight down out of a tree.

What is your unusual sight?

Unusual Sight

How unusual! Here is an orange that looks like Pac Man.

The Goldfish In The Gutter

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Learning Empathy

Developing Maturity – The Joke’s On Me!

It can be very difficult for some people to see the humor in a situation in which they are the cause of the laughter.  Practice laughing at yourself by reliving or making up funny situations.

Please do remember, however, that it is never funny when someone is injured either physically or emotionally.

Ouch That Hurt

Oh, man! What was I thinking?

Jokes and Riddles

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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