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Tell A Story – The Goldfish In The Gutter

One summer afternoon following a heavy monsoon rainfall (I live in Arizona), my husband and I were walking around our block.  The rain was coursing heavily down the gutter.  I looked down and spied a goldfish cracker floating downstream.

I was so struck by the random set of circumstance that combined the person who didn’t eat the cracker, the rushing water, and the meandering pedestrian that I was inspired to write a story.

Once upon a time there was an adventurous goldfish cracker who longed for the freedom of the great blue sea.  So…..

Now it's your story!

unusual sight

Another unusual thing I saw in a gutter.

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Do you think the members of your family can name the 10 worst foods for kids as named by the Center for Science in the Public Interest?

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You will also find the 10 best foods for kids. I'll bet you can find some substitutions for the bad foods from the good foods list and make everyone happy!

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