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Variety – Skin Colors

Childcraft Volume 8, About Us discusses the fact that different people have different colored skins.

Some of us have warm, tan skins like sunlight on sand. Some of us have deep brown skins, like rich chocolate. Some of us have rosy pink skins, the color of the sky at dawn. And some of us have skins that are touched with the red glint of copper or the tawny gleam of gold. We come in many colors, and all the colors are beautiful.

I appreciate this description because of the way the author uses comparisons to create positive images. Challenge the members of your family create more of these positive images relating to diversity.

Make a game for learning color synonyms

Enjoy our individual differences!

Make a game for learning color synonyms

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Individual Differences – Good Enough

Have you ever noticed that everyone has a different interpretation about what's good enough? Take cleaning the bathroom for example. One person might think that dropping a new cleaner tablet into the tank means the bathroom is clean while someone else would require a good hour of scrubbing before calling the job good enough.

Talk about some examples of the differences in "good enough" for the members of your family.

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