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Engagement – Not Just Going Through the Motions

Think of the person who has the job of washing the family car. He or she sees the task as another chore to get through. So the time spent washing the car also involves chewing a huge wad of bubble gum and blowing subsequently larger bubbles while watching and conversing with all the people who pass by on the street. At the end of the job, the car will be cleaner than it was before.

Now consider a person who owns a brand-new, cherry-red Mustang convertible. The job of washing that car will require an entirely different level of engagement. There will be much more attention to detail. At the end of this job the car will not just be cleaner than before, it will sparkle!

Think about some of the jobs you have. What is your level of engagement? How can you increase the level of engagement, increase the value of your results and increase your level of satisfaction in a job well done?

Washing the car

I'd keep this car sparkling clean!

How productive are you?

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Play A Game – Emotions

This game can be easy if you choose dramatic emotions such as grief or excitement. It can be challenging by portraying emotions that are more subtle, indifference for example.

Guess that Emotion

Reading emotions

As you can see, I'm not very happy right now.

Play Guess My Emotion

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