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What's For Dinner?
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Play A Game – Science Word Chain

In this game, players chain together words that describe the earth and it’s creatures.  Use this chain to help you get started.

Mountain – Stream - River – Rock - Sand – Ocean

Maybe your mountain was connected to a forest instead of a stream?  Or start with another word.

Water Shed

This mountain stream will flow into a river.

Build a Watershed

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Blame Game – Who Are Your Scapegoats?

I had forgotten to pick up the orange juice my son always likes to drink for breakfast. When I got home and realized that I needed to apologize to him for forgetting, I decided that just saying, "I forgot", didn't seem good enough. I needed someone else to blame.

So I said, "I'm sorry I forgot your orange juice. There were so many shoppers gathered around the cold cases that I went another direction. If I had passed the refrigerated items, I would have seen the o.j. and remembered you were out."

Notice in the above example, how finding someone else to blame seemed to make it easier for me to say I goofed. It is like saying I made a boo-boo, but it wasn't really my fault. Can you think of times when you might have used a scapegoat to make yourself appear less blameworthy?

Definition of Scapegoat, Scapegoating, and Scapegoat Theory

Orange Juice

Sorry I forgot to buy more orange juice.

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