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Share Your Knowledge – Bugs

My little brother, Dave, loved bugs.  One insect that always tried to share our living space was the earwig.  Dave loved those earwigs.  He even called himself king of the earwigs and would let them crawl over him.  So when one decided to pinch him, his pride hurt as much as the finger from which the critter dangled.

Which insects do you encounter on a regular basis?  Do you have any particular favorites or un-favorites?  What do you know about different types of insects and their life cycles?

The Types and Stages of Insect Metamorphosis

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Tell A Story – That Reminds Me Of The Time...

Select a volunteer to start with a short tale about a personal experience (or use my story about the earwig), then take turns spinning off the original story with stories of your own.

That reminds me of the time that we were curious about those bugs that roll themselves into balls.  We always called them rolly-pollies, but I think they are really called sow bugs.  Anyway, we got out the ruler and dropped them from different heights.  Every time they would unroll themselves and crawl off.  Those bugs are tough!

That reminds me of the time we measured how far we could use the force of our lungs to blow a ping pong ball.....

That Reminds Me of the Time

Share some experiences.

Shared Word Progression

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