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What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Think About It – Knots

Tying string, rope, or other fibers (including hair) into knots has been practiced for centuries.  Knots can be functional or decorative.  How many different uses for knots can you name?

Scouting Resources - Knots A to Z

An important knot to learn to tie is a necktie.

How To Tie a Tie for BEGINNERS - Double windsor how to tie a tie video


Are you good at tying knots?

Play A Word Game

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Borrowed Words and Phrases

Letter Sounds – How Many?

How many different letter sounds are there really?  We know that vowels are either short or long, so each vowel has at least two different sounds.  Go through the alphabet and count how many different sounds are represented by these 26 letters.

Advanced learners can add sounds that come from letter combinations as well (ch can make the sounds of ch, k, or sh).

How many letters have only one unique sound?


Some letters can make more than one sound.

Short, Long, Schwa

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