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What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Mental Math – Which Bills And Coins?

Take turns naming an amount of money.

  • $1.72

Next name three or four different ways a person could have that amount of money depending on the bills and coins that he or she carried.

  • one dollar bill, seven dimes, two pennies.
  • six quarters, one dime, twelve pennies.
  • one dollar bill, two quarters, two dimes, two pennies.


$4.50 is 10 quarters, or 4 dollar bills and 4 dimes and 10 pennies.

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Make It Memorable – Mnemonic Tricks

What are some tricks that help you remember important things?  A person who is musically or rhythmically inclined might prefer rhymes such as, "I before E except after C" or "Thirty days hath September..."

A person who relies on visual clues may create mental pictures to help with recall.  I had a professor in college who was excellent with names, but could not remember mine when I came to class without my glasses.

A word wizard might create an acrostic sentence.  "Every good boy does fine" is an example that helps one remember the musical scale.

Discuss other methods that you find helpful for remembering.

10 Mnemonic Tricks for Never Forgetting Anything Again

Music Staff

Every Good Boy Does Fine, helps me remember the notes on a scale.

What are your earliest memories?

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