What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

Mind-stretching brain games and conversation starters. It's the perfect opportunity for sharing stories, building knowledge, strengthening character, and having fun!

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Do You Know? – Rainbows

Do you know how a rainbow is formed?  Can you name all the colors in a rainbow?

Learn more at this excellent resource:

About Rainbows


I love to see a rainbow in the sky.

Have a scavenger hunt for all the colors of the rainbow

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Share Your Knowledge – Sleep

Is getting eight hours of uninterrupted sleep easy for you or difficult?  Do you know what REM is?  Have you ever heard of sleep apnea?  Can you remember your dreams?

Share the information you possess about the 1/3 of our lives that we spend sleeping.


Ah, a good night's sleep.

Eating for slumber

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Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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