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Personal Space – Your Comfort Zone

Do you ever feel uncomfortable while standing in a queue because the person behind you is a bit too close?  Are you someone who likes to place your hand on the arm of the person to whom you are speaking?  Everyone has their own personal comfort zone.

An important part of getting along with others is understanding that not everyone's comfort zone is the same.  Are you someone who requires a generous buffer zone between yourself and another person, or are you more comfortable with closeness?  Does your comfort zone change in different situations?  How might you recognize if you are invading someone else's personal space?

waiting in line

I had to wait in lines because some people stand much to close!

Where do you find sanctuary?

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Accepting advice can be hard

Share Your Knowledge – Wetlands

Swampy and marshy ecosystems are know as wetlands.  The bayous of Southeastern United States is an example of wetlands.  Name some of the plants and animals that are specially adapted to living in this environment.

Do you have wetlands near your home?

Wetlands | US EPA

Wetlands International


Wetlands are home to many plants and animals.

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