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Share Your Knowledge – Solar Panels

A solar cell or photovoltaic cell is a device that converts light into electricity using the photoelectric effect.

Solar cell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

How many uses can you name for solar cell power?

Different Uses For Solar Energy

Top 10 Solar Energy Uses

Getting solar panels for your home involves several elements. The panels themselves are the most obvious, but several other parts are essential to a home solar energy system. Learn more:

Solar Panels for Home

Solar Power Cell Collector

How does solar power work?

Power From The Sun - Free Solar Energy

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Antonym Word Chain

Dealing With Others – Expect The Best

Have you ever had the experience of realizing that someone expected that you would perform less than perfectly on a task?  It is quite probable that you did a poorer job that you were capable of completing.  It is much easier to do your best work when others around you expect good things.

Can you name a time when you really gave something your best effort because you knew others expected you to  be great?  Can you think of a time when your support and encouragement helped someone put extra effort into something?

Positive Expectations - How to Expect the Best

I Knew You Could Do It

I knew you could do it!

Who is your best opponent?

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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