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Same Word Different Meaning – Context Clues And Parts Of Speech

Challenge each other to name words that are spelled alike but mean different things. Orange is both a color and a fruit. Refuse is a verb that means to say no, but it is also a noun that means garbage.

To take your game to deeper levels, name the part of speech of the example word in each meaning. Open a discussion on the use on context clues to determine which usage is correct. This can be an excellent vocabulary building game.


The orange orange peel became refuse when I refused to eat it.

Spelling and Vocabulary Games Using the Multiple Intelligences

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Things Aren’t Getting Easier! – Exaggeration

I always remember groaning when my dad would bring up the topic of how things were so much harder when he was a child. Does this sound familiar?

"When I was a child I had to walk six miles, barefoot in the snow to get to school."

Well, with computers, palm pilots, cell phones, bigger, heavier textbooks current students could reply:

"Kids today are all suffering from back pain as a result of carrying all their gear back and forth to school."

See if you can make up some more:

"I remember when there were only two channels to choose from."

"By the time I've seen everything that is coming on, I've missed the show!"

Have fun with this brain-stretching game that pokes gentle fun at the difference a generation (or two) can make.

Off to School

These days there is a lot more stuff for kids to carry back and forth between home and school!

Use Stories to Teach Children Important Lessons in Life

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