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Article – Spelling and Vocabulary Games Using the Multiple Intelligences

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Spelling and Vocabulary Games Using the Multiple Intelligences

–by Jean Fisher

Each child learns in a different way. Find the special strengths of your child to maximize learning.

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Is your child a natural word wizard?

Spelling and vocabulary games designed to challenge the multiple intelligences give everyone the opportunity to be a wizard!

What are the multiple intelligences?

Visual/Spatial Intelligence

Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence

Logical/Mathematical Intelligence

Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence

Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence

Interpersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal Intelligence

So now that you have a better understanding of what the multiple intelligences are, how do you go about putting them to work? First, find out what your child's strengths are:

Multiple Intelligence Survey - FamilyEducation.com

On page 2 of What's For Dinner?'s Spelling and Vocabulary Games for the Multiple Intelligences find games from our editor Jean Fisher that you can play for each of the different learning styles.

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