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What's For Dinner?
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Language – Prepositions

Of all the parts of speech, prepositions are the most difficult to identify.  When working with younger children it is sometimes easier to call them connecting words and pointing words.  How many different prepositions can your family name?

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Using pointing words

Make A Cooperative Paragraph

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Healthy Environment – Noise

Everyone knows that excessive noise can harm your hearing.  Did you also know that it can cause you to overeat, disturb your digestion, raise your blood pressure, increase your breathing and your heart rate?  And just like other forms of stress, noise can interfere with your ability to learn.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss In Children - A Preventable Problem

Noise Pollution Isn’t Just Annoying — It’s Bad for Your Health

Do you have sources of excessive noise in your life?  What are they?  What strategies can you develop to lessen the stress from noise in your life?   Our laundry room is right off the kitchen and the sound of the washer and dryer is very loud in the kitchen.  One thing I have done to reduce the stress of this noisy source is to ask people not to start laundry when it is close to meal times.

25+ Easy and Practical Ways to Reduce Noise Pollution at Home or Offices

Not So Loud

Not so loud

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