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Make A List – Things That Change With Time

A flower starts as a tiny seed, sprouts and pushes its way up out of the earth.  Tiny leaves appear and grow.  Soon a flower bud starts to blossom open.  Some flowers move their faces from east to west following the sun each day.  Some flowers open in with the sunrise and curl back closed at dusk.

Put a green banana on a shelf and soon the green will become yellow.  Leave it there a bit longer and brown spots begin appearing.  Soon the black replaces the yellow and the fruit inside shrinks and softens.

These are examples of two things that show obvious physical changes over time.  How many other things can you name that change with time?

10 Things That Will Always Change


I will soon be a butterfly

A Series Of Endings And Beginnings

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What Are? – Snowclones

A snowclone is a type of clich√© that is easily altered to fit many different situations.  "Where's the beef?", "Got milk?", "Have gun will travel" are some popular examples.  The words in bold type can easily be replaced by other words yet still retain the recognition of the original phrase.

Have some fun adapting these phrases to new situations by replacing the words in bold with your own words.  Name other examples of snowclones.

Snowclone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Snowclones Database

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